Planning for Cloister’s Demo

Parking passes: IF YOU ARE BRINGING A CAR TO THE DEMO, please email with your mundane name, SCA name, car make & model & license plate number. I will be submitting the list to the festival coordinator on Friday, Aug. 26th (end of this week).

Classes: we have room to offer about 4 classes. Please comment here or email the Seneschal if you would like to offer a class. Suggestions so far have included calligraphy, sprang, finger-loop braiding, arrow-making. Emphasis should be on make-and-take projects that can be completed in an hour by a novice.

Infrastructure (tables, chairs, popups): if you can bring infrastructure, please let us know what & how many, so we can plan the layout. Also let us know if you have spare room in that infrastructure, or if it is dedicated to what you are demoing.

Demos: what are you bringing to demo, and how much space will you need to display it? Do you need infrastructure or will you be supplying your own?

Potluck: will you be bringing a potluck contribution? So far, we have bagels & cream cheese on offer.

Whyt Whey & Ostgardr Heraldry

Devices for all Whyt Whey members (and those who asked to be included in our site banner) and relevant Ostgardr arms have been re-drawn by our (proposed new) herald, Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin. You are welcome to use the included images for your own purposes. They are presented here as 2 PDFs. Please let the webminister know if you need assistance selecting, cropping or re-sizing your own device from the material provided herein.



Commons meeting & Evening in the Solar, Aug. 2016

Please join us for a commons meeting & an evening in the solar Thursday, Aug. 18th, from 7-10pm at 255 W 105th St. #21.

Conversations at Pennsic regarding our canton device & the upcoming Cloisters demo need to be shared with canton members & officers. Thank you!

Proposed agenda: WhytWheyCommonsAug.2016

The Evening in the Solar will be a post-Pennsic recap. What classes did you take or teach; what did you learn that most excited you? Please bring any handouts & links you’d like to share. We will also talk about what classes & workshops we’d like to see in the coming year.

An Evening in the Solar, June 2016

Our next A&S gathering is this coming Thursday, June 16th, at 7pm, in the Usual Place: 255 W. 105th St., #21

Þórfinnr Hróðgeirsson will be teaching a class on ring-making. Simple wire rings are easy to make and common in period, especially early period. He will be teaching a few different designs, and providing materials (copper wire) and tools. Most designs can be made with just a large dowel and your fingers.

Dinner will be cheese, bread & fruit. You are welcome (but not required!) to bring your own dinner or additional offerings to share.

If you have a copy of the songbook, please bring it with you!

Minutes of April 21, 2016 Canton Meeting

Here are the minutes from our canton commons meeting, held this past Thursday, April 21, 2016.

Whyt Whey Commons Meeting April 2016

Topics included the vote on the canton arms, the canton bank account, model & photo release forms for the website, the canton songbook, Meetups, accessible free spaces for meetings, the Seahorse, upcoming A&S classes, upcoming local activities, Cloisters demo & the Picnic in the Ruins.

Dance practice resumes Tuesday, May 17th

Our gracious dancemistress of Northpass, Lady Conandil ingen Donngaile, has announced the return of dance practice in our fair canton. Weather permitting, dancing resumes at Belvedere Castle, in Central Park, this coming Tuesday, May 17th, 6:30 – 9pm. Directions may be found here:

Additional details are provided on the FaceBook event page.

An Evening in the Solar, May 2016

Our next A&S gathering is the third Thursday of the upcoming month, May 19th, 2016, in the Usual Place: 255 W. 105th St., #21, at 7pm.

NEEDLEWORK CLASS: Florentine Flame Stitch, before & beyond….Do you like to color? Learn how to color with needlepoint yarn and MAKE A THING! We will be creating small pin cushions.

Florentine Flame stitch
Florentine Flame stitch

All are welcome. No prior knowledge is required. Supplies will be provided. Class taught by Lady Godiva d’Mer.

We will also be working on Queen Avelina’s favors. As always, you are welcome to bring your own project to work on or for consultation & admiration. If you have the canton songbook, please bring it with you! We will exercise our voices as we ply our needles.

The menu will be a reprise of the tastiest items from the Anglo-Norman feast at our last Solar, namely the leeks, the rice pottage and the tiny tarts, with salad and bread. We have 2 bottles of wine left from our last gathering, so please hold off on wine for now!

New Canton Arms

I am thrilled to announce the results of our vote on re-designing the canton’s arms at last night’s commons meeting.  By unanimous acclaim, we have opted to pursue the choices below:

Original arms, new device & new badge for the canton of Whyt Whey.
Original arms, new device & new badge for the canton of Whyt Whey.