Monthly Archives: August 2015

Greetings, gentle!

Welcome to the Canton of Whyt Whey!  We are the Manhattan chapter of the SCA,  located in the Crown Province of Ostgardr, which is comprised of the counties of New York (Whyt Whey), Kings (Brokenbridge), Queens, Bronx, Westchester (Northpass), Putnam, Richmond & Nassau (Lions End).

Map of the Southern Region of the East Kingdom

You are welcome to socialize with us on Facebook. You may also join our mailing list for news and updates, straight to your inbox.

Newcomers are welcome to show up at events and local meetings. For events, you must make some attempt at wearing medieval dress. If you would like to borrow some, we have loaner clothing (called Gold Key) available through our chatelaine. Contact the event steward, whose information will be available on the event’s announcement page, or our chatelaine, at

Local meetings such as our arts & sciences Evenings in the Solar, our dance practices, fighter practice, and so on, are held in modern clothing.