Monthly Archives: March 2017

Minutes of Jan. 20, 2017 Canton meeting

Here are the minutes from our canton commons meeting at the beginning of this year, held Thursday, January 20th, 2017.

Whyt Whey Commons Minutes 20 Jan 2017

Topics included the Old Masters auction / exhibition at Sotheby’s (held in January), upcoming A&S classes, completing the mailing list transition (need last article number from Yahoo! to transfer archive), potential new venue, and building a youth fighting pell (and list ropes).

An Evening in the Solar, March 2017

Please join us for our regular 3rd Thursday of the month Arts & Sciences social gathering, “An Evening in the Solar: Pouchapalooza!” Thursday, March 16th, 7-10pm.

We will meet in the usual place, 255 W. 105th St., #21.

The A&S portion of our evening will be an exploration of medieval pouches, including the Anglo-Saxon ring pouch, framed purses such as the Hedeby bag, rectangular drawstring and flapped pouches, the double-ended shoulder-sack, sprang bags and more. Documentation, handouts and recreated samples will be made available.

Fabric, material and supplies will be provided by Lady Godiva D’Mer so we can create a basic rectangular drawstring bag using medieval sewing techniques. Sewing and other skills covered at previous A&S gatherings will be used: whip stitch, blind hemstitch and/or running stitch and fingerloop braiding.

Dinner will be a 14-Century English affair, comprised of Tart in Amber (Onion & Egg Pie) and Gauffres (Cheese Waffles).