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Minutes of Jan. 11, 2018 Canton Commons Meeting

(Mgmt. apologizes for the late posting in this venue.)

Minutes from January’s Canton Commons are posted and available!

As you see, I am experimenting with including a link, rather than pasting the entirety of the minutes here; the benefits are that it will keep our front page less cluttered, and ensures that there’s a single ur-source of content. Please give your opinions of this change, either in comments here or at April’s commons meeting.

Evening in the Solar, February 2018

Please join us THURSDAY Feb 8th, 7pm – 10pm for another “Evening in the Solar” in the Canton of Whyt Whey.

Lord Þórfinnr (Alec Story) has offered to instruct all those that want to learn to SPIN!!!
What!!???!! No drop spindle??? Don’t worry we have quite a few that were graciously donated 🙂 to hand out.

– Lady Godiva [moAS of Whyt Whey]

Directions: 255 West 105th Street, #21 (@ Broadway) in Manhattan