Monthly Archives: November 2018

Østgarðr Officer Positions Open

Reminder: the Province is recruiting for open officer positions.  Letters of intent are due Nov. 16th, to be read into the record during our commons meeting at Greenvale Diner.  You may bring them to the meeting, or email the seneschal and viceregals directly.

Position descriptions are here:
Please consider if someone you know would be a good candidate for any of these offices, and invite them to throw their hat into the ring.  A vote of confidence from their friends is often just the encouragement someone needs to volunteer for an office.

Evening in the Solar, Thursday, Nov. 8th

Please join us Thursday, November 8th, at the usual time (7:30pm) and place, 255 W. 105th St, #21 for a class on Brick Stitch embroidery taught by Godiva D’Mer!

This is a needlework class on the brick stitch, usually referred to as the German Brick Stitch. No prior experience necessary. Materials will be provided to produce a small pincushion. (canvas, embroidery thread, etc) Please bring scissors. All are welcome to attend.