Monthly Archives: April 2019

Evening in the Solar, Thursday, May 2

Please join us Thursday, May 2nd, at the usual time (7:30pm) and place (255 W. 105th St, #21) for a class of culinary delights offered by Lord Ibrahim al-Rashid!

We’ll be talking about medieval food – specifically, the food of al-Andalus (Muslim Spain).  Ibrahim will talk about what we know of food in al-Andalus while we do some food prep for the upcoming Siege of Granada event.

Commons Meeting & Evening in the Solar, April 4

Hooray for Spring! Please join us on Thursday, April 4, for a Commons meeting and an Evening in the Solar.

This is our usual quarterly commons and business meeting. If you have anything you’d like to put on the agenda, please email

Following Commons, please stay for the class: Introduction to Nålbinding, taught by Lord Ibrahim al-Rashid. (Nålbinding is a period technique for creating garments, particularly mittens, hats, and socks, somewhat similar to knitting or crochet.)

We will be at the usual location, 255 W. 105th St., #21. Commons will begin at 7pm, and the solar will follow.