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Østgarðr Officer Positions Open

Reminder: the Province is recruiting for open officer positions.  Letters of intent are due Nov. 16th, to be read into the record during our commons meeting at Greenvale Diner.  You may bring them to the meeting, or email the seneschal and viceregals directly.

Position descriptions are here:
Please consider if someone you know would be a good candidate for any of these offices, and invite them to throw their hat into the ring.  A vote of confidence from their friends is often just the encouragement someone needs to volunteer for an office.

Parking for Cloisters demo

Parking near Fort Tryon park for the Cloisters demo is a challenge. If at all possible, you are better off taking public transit to the site.

If, however, you are one of the people loading in equipment, then here is what you need to know to park on the day.

You do NOT need a parking pass to drive your vehicle on & off site at the beginning and end of the day. The parking pass also does not guarantee you a spot. It simply allows you to look for parking in the cordoned-off parking area at the head of Cabrini Blvd. (or in an internal parking lot, depending on where we are assigned by the festival coordinator).

If you are delayed in transit, and arrive after 10am, you will not be able to drive your car into the park. Instead, find parking and haul your stuff in manually. If you need unloading assistance, come to our demo location and ask for help — we will have wheeled carts that we have used to lug stuff onsite, which you may borrow.

With a parking pass

If you have previously arranged a parking pass with the demo coordinator seneschal at, then you arrive at the south entrance to the park at 9:30am to check in with the festival coordinator and receive your parking pass. The park opens before 9:30, and I encourage you to unload before checking in, if possible! Cars must be headed to parking by 10am, to clear the park for opening to the public around 11am.

Without a parking pass

Once you have unloaded your vehicle, you may drive off to find parking, either at a garage or on the street. Parking nearby fills up quickly, but if you are early you may be able to find something. Here is a map of nearby parking garages:

Parking near Fort Tryon
Parking garages near Fort Tryon Park

Parking garage #3 is not as useful as it appears in this aerial view, because you are walking straight up a hill (almost a cliff) to get into the park. The terrain is not your friend.

Post-demo loading

Cars will be allowed back into the park when the police indicate that it is safe to do so. We must wait for the public to walk out before we start driving in. The festival ends at 6pm. It takes time for 60,000 people to exit the very large park.

There is ALWAYS a traffic jam of entering vehicles. We are conveniently located just inside the south entrance, which eases our loading. Please take care not to block the roadway for others who are attempting to drive further into the park.

Greetings, gentle!

Welcome to the Canton of Whyt Whey!  We are the Manhattan chapter of the SCA,  located in the Crown Province of Ostgardr, which is comprised of the counties of New York (Whyt Whey), Kings (Brokenbridge), Queens, Bronx, Westchester (Northpass), Putnam, Richmond & Nassau (Lions End).

Map of the Southern Region of the East Kingdom

You are welcome to socialize with us on Facebook. You may also join our mailing list for news and updates, straight to your inbox.

Newcomers are welcome to show up at events and local meetings. For events, you must make some attempt at wearing medieval dress. If you would like to borrow some, we have loaner clothing (called Gold Key) available through our chatelaine. Contact the event steward, whose information will be available on the event’s announcement page, or our chatelaine, at

Local meetings such as our arts & sciences Evenings in the Solar, our dance practices, fighter practice, and so on, are held in modern clothing.